Thursday, September 29, 2016

Best Way For Elderly To Lose Weight

Best Way For Elderly To Lose WeightThe best way for elderly people to lose weight is by having an exercise plan compared on having diet restrictions. Excess weight is never good at any age, it puts you at a much higher risk for any cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It also set pointless strain on your knees, ankles and back, which make your daily life very difficult.

As person ages, subcutaneous fat decreases while intramuscular and visceral fat increases. This will increase the health risks because the fat is now covering blood vessels and vital organs in the body, rather than just lying beneath the skin.

Diet in the elderly speeds up the loss of muscle mass and many lead to loss of physical strength which has previously been emphasized as part of the aging process.

Moderate exercise or workout increases muscle which leads to the increase in strength as well. Because severe weight loss is not helpful for anybody most especially to elder people, always remember the use of the word moderate.

The best way for the elderly to stay in shape is by having regular exercise. An excellent way to remove those unwanted kilos is by simply doing an everyday walk around the surroundings.

You can have an alternative daily exercise by cycling or swimming if you are having problems with your knees or ankles, or even with an easy and relax walk.

It is also recommended to have a workout or exercise using a very light weight. Bone loss mostly occurs as you grow old, that is why it moderate exercise is suggested for post menopausal women.

You will be surprised at how healthy, fit, and youthful you feel if you will follow a light exercise program

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